Singing is Cool & It’s Good for the Soul!

Nearly everyone loves to listen when others sing. You may not believe that you have a natural singing ability, and it is normal to be self-conscious about how we sound. With MenAloud!, you will discover that the ‘whole’ really is greater than the sum of our individual voices. We promise you will enjoy being a part of something bigger than yourself. Our clear common denominator is our love of  singing.

We really enjoy our shared friendships and promise that you will leave our rehearsals feeling uplifted and invigorated from singing and connecting with the rest of us!

Whether or not you have singing experience, you will learn from our Music Director, Kento Stratford. He is an excellent teacher – precise in his instructions, yet patient with us all.

Here are four of the many benefits of singing for physical and mental health. This is actually backed by science:

  1. Makes you feel good with endorphins and better circulation.
  2. Enhances your immune system.
  3. Increases social fulfilment.
  4. Boosts your self-esteem.

If you wish to read more, here is an interesting link about the many documented benefits of choral singing.